Hmm, this is probably not the page you're looking for is a dedicated set-up page on your Telraam device.

  • If you want to access the Telraam setup page, take your mobile device and open the WiFi hotspot of the Telraam device:
    • Plug the Telraam device out, wait 10 seconds and plug it in.
    • Wait till the WiFi network "Telraam" appears and select it.
    • And enter the password: TelraamTelraam

    As soon as your mobile device is connected to Telraam-wifi, you will be notified that you are connected and do not have internet access. This is not a problem.

  • If you just tried to connect your Telraam to your own WiFi network, something might be wrong. The wifi password might not be correct or the wifi signal was poor.